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Fire Prevention

October 28, 2011For October Fire Safety Month, firefighters John Kneafsey, Steve Freeborn and John Phelan of the LTVFD provide instruction in fire safety to the pre-school and kindergarten students at Valley View School and to Hayth's pre-school students.

The children learned about:


"Stop Drop & Roll"


Homes should have working smoke alarms


When the smoke alarm goes off, get out and stay out of the house


Have an evacuation plan and a family meeting place outside their home


What firefighters wear to protect them from fire


What the inside of a fire engine looks like 

Each student received a Junior Firefighter helmet courtesy of the fire department.





October 20, 2011Firefighters Ed Kiley and Sue Schlesinger visited the pre-schoolers at the Spruce Run Church.  The children learned about fire prevention, safety, and about the equipment firefighters use.  Then everyone went outside to learn about the fire engine.  Several pre-schoolers from Spruce Run now want to be firefighters when they grow up!


















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